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aPhotoNode.getElement(...) is null when connecting to LiveJournal


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*** Original post on bio 1900 at 2013-03-16 17:52:00 UTC ***

When connecting to Live Journal our XMPP code throws an error:
Timestamp: 3/16/2013 1:38:03 PM
Error: TypeError: aPhotoNode.getElement(...) is null
Source File: resource:///modules/xmpp-xml.jsm
Line: 389

(Note that this line / file infomration seems to be bogus...I wonder if we need to port bug 955273 (bio 1840) to XMPP somewhere...)

The real location of this error seems to be [1], the iq stanza I receive is (edited for privacy):
<iq xmlns="jabber:client" from="" to="" id="26" type="error">
 <vCard xmlns="vcard-temp">
  <FN xmlns="vcard-temp">
  <BDAY xmlns="vcard-temp">
  <ROLE xmlns="vcard-temp"/>
  <DESC xmlns="vcard-temp"/>
  <URL xmlns="vcard-temp">
  <TEL xmlns="vcard-temp">
   <NUMBER xmlns="vcard-temp"/>
  <PHOTO xmlns="vcard-temp">
   <BINVAL xmlns="vcard-temp">
    R0lGOD....lots of stuff...=
  <EMAIL xmlns="vcard-temp">
   <USERID xmlns="vcard-temp"/>
  <ADR xmlns="vcard-temp">
   <STREET xmlns="vcard-temp"/>
   <LOCALITY xmlns="vcard-temp"/>
   <REGION xmlns="vcard-temp">
   <PCODE xmlns="vcard-temp"/>
   <CTRY xmlns="vcard-temp">
  <NICKNAME xmlns="vcard-temp">
 <error xmlns="jabber:client" code="405" type="cancel">
  <not-allowed xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/>

I have the full log if someone needs to see it.

[2] seems to imply that the TYPE element is not required (it SHOULD be there, not that it MUST be there). Additionally [3] says that "The XML character data of the <TYPE/> element is a hint. If the XML character data of the <TYPE/> specifies a content type that does not match the data provided in the <BINVAL/> element, the processing application MUST adhere to the content type of the actual image data and MUST ignore the <TYPE/>."

*** Original post on bio 1900 by Max Waterman <davidmaxwaterman+bugzilla-daemon AT> at 2013-08-14 11:34:23 UTC ***

FYI, I get this error too, and the effect *seems* to be that I cannot join a channel (I have it set to auto-join, but trying manually also seems to fail).

It hasn't always been this way would quite reliably join until the past week or so.

I reported my problem here, but I think it's the same thing as this report :
Attached patch Null checkSplinter Review
*** Original post on bio 1900 as attmnt 2905 at 2013-09-25 19:19:00 UTC ***

Adds a null check on the photo element, entirely untested.
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Null check

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*** Original post on bio 1900 at 2013-09-25 19:30:03 UTC ***

Should be fixed in tomorrow's Instantbird nightly.
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