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Duplicate items in the new conversation tab


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This seems to be a regression caused by bug 955582 (bio 2143). I don't have reliable STR at the moment.
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*** Original post on bio 2201 as attmnt 2927 at 2013-10-04 15:11:00 UTC ***

When a contact's status changed, it was getting removed and re-added. In the process, a new PossibleConvFromContact is created rather than modifying the existing one (which is removed). The old one was not getting removed from _convsWithUpdatedStats.

The result was that we were trying to splice a conv out of this._convs, which wasn't in the array in the first place - we were instead removing the last element in the array because indexOf returned -1. In addition, we re-added the old conv, resulting in a duplicate.

I hope looking at the code makes this easier to understand, else I'll try to explain it more clearly.

The patch adds a check in repositionConvsWithUpdatedStats to make sure we're only attempting to reposition a conv if it's still in the list. I've also taken this opportunity to ensure we don't add a conv twice to _convsWithUpdatedStats.
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Sets can't have duplicate elements, so we don't need the duplicate check. D'oh!
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Patch 2

*** Original change on bio 2201 attmnt 2928 at 2013-10-04 21:13:00 UTC ***

I can follow the idea what was wrong here and the fix looks to be consistent with that.

Note that the trigger of the bug is not a status change alone but a new message from a a contact followed by a status change of that contact.

Thanks for fixing that!
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