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Missing descriptors for 18+ rating


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steps to reproduce:
1. Load
2. Notice that there are no descriptors

observed behavior:
ESRB site has a bunch of descriptors for a 18+ rating. This is missing from our Content Rating page.

See screenshot.
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Priority: P1 → P2
Has this been partially fixed?
has descriptors for everywhere other than ERSB and Germany now.
(In reply to Andrew Williamson [:eviljeff] from comment #1)
> Has this been partially fixed?
> content_ratings
> has descriptors for everywhere other than ERSB and Germany now.

no, the descriptors show up upon retriggering the quiz or after a few days. So, it isn't fixed.
I took a quick look at this from our end to see if I could provide any helpful information. I found 14 records in our log for the Demo system from 12/11/13 to 1/6/13 indicating that a Pingback request was sent and the server returned a 500 Internal Server Error. This includes the Pingback sent for Submission ID 286 in the attached screenshot. I have the full text of each of these requests and can provide them if they will be of any help. I do not, however, have the PingbackURL the requests were sent to.
Krupa, could you try again please?

I was able to pull down USK descriptors

I added some logging just in case you can reproduce it, I'll have debugging information.
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Krupa, can you attach a screenshot of the IARC ratings certificate so I see what's missing?
Attached image missing descriptors.png
Just noticed that this issue is fixed if the user navigates away from this page and comes back.
Thanks, I think I know the solution (race condition).

Race condition details:

    User gets content rating through IARC tool.
    set_content_ratings creates content rating.
    Front-end which is polling ContentRatings API triggers a refresh before the descriptors are created.
    Page is refreshed and descriptors aren't shown because they weren't created yet.
    Refreshing the page again shows the descriptors.

tldr; set_content_ratings asynchronously triggers a page refresh somewhere else before descriptors are created.
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Verified as fixed in on FF29 (Win 7).
Postfix screencast
Closing bug.

I'm concerned with how long it takes to generate the rating and ping-back the Dev Portal once the "Confirm" button is selected (over 15 seconds).  Is this the normal response time Mozilla has been experiencing?  We don't seem to experience the same delay.

Please let me know.  Thanks
The ping-back comes relatively quickly (~1.5 seconds) and our page refreshes.

Though I think the spinner on the IARC tool keeps spinning despite this, which may lead to some users waiting for the spinner to clear before moving back to our pages.
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