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The strings for the source editor's context menu aren't consistently capitalized like in other menu items


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Firefox 29


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In Firefox at least, it seems that the de-facto capitalization scheme for menu items is "Something Like This". The editor's context menu in the debugger is the only one not respecting this scheme. Let's be consistent
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This one is very easy to fix. Some strings just need to be capitalized properly.
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Hi there.
I would love to take care of this bug; it does look super easy. Correct me if I'm wrong but it is only a change in debugger.dtd file
Hi Alexey! Yes, that's the only thing you need to do, modify some stuff in the debugger.dtd file. You won't need to change the identifiers, because the meaning of the strings hasn't changed, only the capitalization.

Just go through all the strings and Capitalize Like This the ones which appear in menus or context menus.
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Hi Victor,

Thanks a lot for such a quick reply.
I did some changes in debugger.dtd which are related to the context menus. Also noticed there are couple of tooltips and labels for checkboxes. I wanted to double check with you before making any changes if I need to change them as well ?

Another question - what is the rule about prepositions, conjunctions and prepositions? Are they capitalized?
I found a string "Edit As HTML" in Inspector but at the same time I found "Open URL in New Tab" in Profiler.
In my patch I capitalized (example "Search in all files" became "Search In All Files")

Also some of my observations:
I noticed that Sources section in Debugger tab also has "non-proper capitalized" strings in the context menu. You need to add a breakpoint in the code and then right-click on it in the Sources section to see them.

I also noticed that the same problem could be found in Rules of Inspector tab when you right click in the rules area.

Style editor has a line "Jump to line..." when you right click in the area. Or "Show original sources" when you right click on any of the <inline sheet #N> items on the left side (my apologize, I do not know a proper name for it)

It probably would be a good idea to go through all of the existing context menus in dev tools and find inconsistencies in strings.
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I think the proper capitalization is "Edit as HTML", but that's a different bug and we shouldn't take care of it here. We should use "Search in All Files", "Search for Function Definition" and similar to all strings in the debugger that appear in menus.

If you feel that it's a good idea, please file a bug about having consistent capitalization in all our menus. Let's deal with the debugger in this bug.

Here's a neat tool you could use

Please update the patch and I'll r+ it in a heardbeat ;) Thanks!
Besides heardbeats, I'll also r+ in a heartbeat.
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That is one VERY useful link. I saved it in my bookmarks for the future use and for the future generations :)

Also fixed my patch. Please take a look.

From your reply I assume that tooltips and checkbox labels are staying unchanged in debugger.dtd

I think that having the same consistent menus across all tabs in dev tools would be a good idea. Will create a new ticket for this.

"Waiting for the Patch to Land in Fx-Team"
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Review of attachment 8368719 [details] [diff] [review]:

This looks very good! There are a few more strings that you should capitalize before landing it, but great work so far.
In the debugger, there's a "cog wheel" menu on the far right, in the toolbar. There are some strings there, like "Pause on exceptions", "Ignore caught exceptions" and others, that should be capitalized as well.
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So this is what those checkbox labels are..


Please let me know if there is anything else I need to change.
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Missed few things...
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Review of attachment 8368928 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks great!
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I just realized that I completely messed the commit message for this patch :S
It should be "Bug 956645: Making proper capitalized strings in source editor's context menus; r=vp"

My bad.
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No worries, I changed it before landing.
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Ugh no idea how I managed to copy paste that :S

Thanks a lot for being so responsive and helpful! Mentor award 2014 on its way.

If you have any other bugs (more complex as well) need resolving and mentoring I can always take a look at them.
Thank *you* for contributing ;) Here's a link for getting involved if you're interested:
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