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Background sync doesn't work on Sailfish OS


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Sailfish OS ( is a mobile OS of Maemo/Meego heritage from Jolla ( In addition to its native apps, Sailfish runs Android apps, including Firefox for Android.

Even though the initial sync works and the explicit tab sharing action works, it appears that unattended background syncing after the initial sync does not work when Firefox for Android is used on Sailfish. There is also no way to access the Sync account pane after the initial setup, so there's no UI for forcing a sync.
We don't have any Sailfish devices, and we don't test on it. I'm delighted that Firefox works at all!

Bug 799726 will provide a management UI for Sync independently of Android's UI, but unless Sailfish triggers background syncs, and otherwise implements the SyncAdapter framework that Android does, unhappiness will ensue… and there's nothing we can do about that.

Karen and Mark can make the call on whether Sailfish compatibility is something we should be thinking about.
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I'm also super pleased that Firefox works on sailfish - yay! 

Right now, however, with the resources we have, sailfish can't be a high priority in terms of ensuring compatibility across all of our features yet. I'll happily add it to our list so we can constantly revisit this, but currently it won't make it into our list of P1s.

Of course if someone from sailfish would like to contribute to the code and work on solving some of these problems, I am sure we can happily review patches!
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Happy to make myself available to said person, too.
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