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Ogg Metadata seem to break Artists page


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I have both mp3 and ogg files to my device. Although the music app can read ogg metadata and recognize the artist names it bundles them all together at the top before the alphabet ranking. See screenshot attached.
I had this problem on version 1.1. Sinds version 1.3 (after a new parsing of the collection), it does not occur anymore. It was linked with the bad parsing of the metadata of ogg files.

I think this bug should be closed.
Yeah, I don't see this either (I'm on 2.1, but there haven't been any recent landings for metadata parsing in the music app). You'll probably need to 1) wipe out your profile, 2) clear the music app's DB, or 3) wait for bug 841949 to land (which will reset the DB automatically).
No, there is an easier way (I did so):
1. Remove the music files from your SD card (copy them elsewhere). Unplug the phone from the computer.
2. Go to Settings and uncheck "USB storage" ('Stockage USB'). Open Music app, you should se no more music from the SD.
4. Plug the phone back and mount it on the computer
5. Copy back the music on the SD
6. Switch back the "USB storage"
7. Open Music app, it should reparse all your Music collection.

(Step 6 might be before step 5)
Yeah that's true. Actually the easiest way is probably just to `touch` all the relevant files so the modified date is newer.
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