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Update 'display:-moz-box' styling in about:home


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patch v1.0

doesn't seem to work as expected, the search form is not centered (you may need to add #searchContainer { display: flex; justify-content: center; }) as well as the Restore previous session. Moreover the Mozilla logo that should be floating on the top-right is just appended.
So looks like this needs a bit more css changes than just automatic conversion from moz-box to flexbox

(PS: I'd appreciate a mercurial diff attached that Splinter can actually parse)
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Hmm, that's strange. This update doesn't change anything except the property names, which have the same function than the old once. I'll test it out.
I inserted an additional felx-container to center the search box and I found a "-moz-box-ordinal-group"-property that wasn't changed, but the style does still not work as excepted. I'm still confused why an automatic conversion doesn't work.
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Updated version. Can you give me a feedback if I'm on the right way?
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patch v1.1

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Hi, sorry if it took so much.

Most of the previously reported issues are fixed in this version, but there's still an issue with the Restore Previous Session button, that is not always visible you need to have a restorable session.
The button should always show the icon and the text on the right, the text should not wrap. When there's not enough space for the button, it should move at the bottom of the other buttons. Please check the interaction in current version of Firefox.
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I finally had a look at this today.

I addressed the issues with the the Restore Previous Session button.
It's difficult to follow this behavior without changing the markup. I solved it with defining a min-with for the launcher container to prevent the other buttons from wrapping.
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patch v1.2

Review of attachment 8846422 [details] [diff] [review]:

Unfortunately this still has issues with the Restore Previous Session button.
First issue is that the text in the button wraps, it shouldn't. Sounds like adding white-space: nowrap; to #restorePreviousSession may solve that.
Second issue is that for a very specific window widths the Restore Previous Session button is on the right of the separator, rather than being below it (I have a sshot if you have problems understanding my description, just ask). I don't have a solution for this off-hand, may need experimenting.

That said, if you're finding interesting to work on this, as a personal challenge, I'm happy with that, otherwise the value of this change is decreasing as time goes by. About:home is very likely to disappear in a few months in favor of the Activity Stream work, and I'd not want you to work hard on something that may not live long.
We could basically decide to wontfix the bug, but I don't want you to feel bad about it :)
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The old about:home has been removed.

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