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Don't store duplicate js files in packages


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Currently we concatenate js files in gaia_build_defer_XXX.js but we also store the origin js files in the zip.

This patch filters out these duplicates. The gains are not great (a bit less than 1MB), but I see no reason to keep duplicates.

Yuren, what do you think?
That's great, we should fix it!
Assignee: nobody → yurenju.mozilla
This pull request is based on Fabrice's patch and it looks good on my side.

I will set the review flag if travis-ci turns green.
before is 25,268 KB
now is 24,505 KB
Comment on attachment 8362436 [details] [review]
github PR:

Tim, Could you help to review it? thanks!
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Comment on attachment 8362436 [details] [review]
github PR:

I disagree with the fix. Do we really need a untracked file to tell which file to exclude? Is there a better API? Or there is but you just want to save some time now and deliver proper fix later?
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okay, let's find some better way.
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not much since last week got a lot of review.
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Tim, I would like to know the priority of this bug since it only took 700KB from storage which mentioned on comment 3
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We could put this on the pending queue for tarako priority, but this remain a valid bug.
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Component: Gaia → Gaia::Build
we can just remove these files when optimization done since we have build_stage for all apps now, but it should dependy on bug 987487
Depends on: 987487
un-assign myself since I don't have enough bandwidth to fix it.
Assignee: yurenju → nobody
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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