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Validate password length


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Steps to reproduce:
1. Download and install
2. Goto (Android) Settings > Accounts > Add account > Firefox Account
3. Enter a valid email address format (
4. Enter a short password "ab".
5. Click the Create Account button.

Actual results:
Account is seemingly created with an invalid password length.

Expected results:
We should validate password length locally before sending to server and display a solid error message.
Chris, is there a defined minimum password length for FxA?
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OS: Mac OS X → Android
Hardware: x86 → All
Summary: must validate minimum password length → Validate password length
8 character minimum. No additional restrictions.
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Should be fixed by Bug 951304.  QA verification appreciated.

On create, the button should be disabled until the password is >= 8 characters long.  When signing in, the button should be disabled until the password is >= 1 character long.  This choice was made because the mocks I have don't show text about password length on sign in, and it's very strange to not have the button enabled immediately.
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I thought we also had a 64 char max limit?
"No additional restrictions." -- does that mean no max length?
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(In reply to Richard Newman [:rnewman] from comment #6)
> "No additional restrictions." -- does that mean no max length?

We could consider doing that, but we send over a fixed length hash of the password to the FxA auth server, so there aren't DOS issues related to long passwords.

I don't see much upside in a max password length restriction at this point, other than preventing the user from creating a bad UX for themselves by choosing a 1000 char password.
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Product: Android Background Services → Firefox for Android
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