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Optionally limit possible browser size to increments of some number


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Many browser users are concerned about the browser device fingerprint: They believe that such fingerprint allows certain parties to track them.

I suggest to allow user to limit possible browser sizes to be multiples of some reasonable integer, for example 32.
So that the browser size, as reported to the webservers like this one , will have fewer possible values, therefore reducing trackability by browser parameters.

So the option will look like this: X Limit possible browser window sizes __ Size increment

If the screen size is 1600X1200, increment of 32 would reduce the number of unique sizes from ~1.9 millions to ~1.8 thousands, which is 1000 times reduction.

There is really no benefit in allowing the browser to have sizes with the pixel precision.
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Keywords: privacy
Whiteboard: [bugday-20140120]
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Just cleaning up old open privacy issues ... Tom, close this as WONTFIX? We already have letterboxing, it's just not front facing which does exactly what OP wanted

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I think it's DOM's decision whether or not to wontfix this as a potential improvement to anti-tracking.

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Summary: [feature suggestion] Add an option to limit possible browser size to increments of some number → Optionally limit possible browser size to increments of some number
Severity: normal → S3
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