Switching keyboard layout may reveal homescreen and the previous keyboard



5 years ago
4 years ago


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1. Launch keyboard and make sure it has multiple layouts (languages) enabled.
2. Press the globe key to switch to the next layout.

   Result: the homescreen would be seen for a short time and then the previous keyboard layout is shown first then the keyboard layout we want.

   Switching correctly without flicker.

This is similar to Bug 958035 and the root cause might be the same, but I'll just file it for tracking.
See Also: → bug 958035
Duplicate of this bug: 964979

Comment 2

4 years ago
Can be reproduce on v1.4 flame and Dolphin.


4 years ago
blocking-b2g: --- → 1.4?
Cosmetic problem - no functional impact.
blocking-b2g: 1.4? → 2.1?
I can't reproduce this on 2.1, might be already fixed by bug 1022475. qawanted to verify.
Keywords: qawanted
I'm unable to reproduce this issue on Flame 2.1 master, Buri 2.0, Flame 1.4, and Buri 1.3.

Observed on 2.1 and 2.0: I don't see a globe icon (described in original STR) for changing keyboard languages, and when changing keyboard languages I don't see any abnormal UI. Key layouts are promptly changed. Tested in Messages app.

Observed on 1.4 and 1.3: Globe icon is present in keyboard, but I don't see anything unusual when pressing on it multiple times. Key layouts are promptly changed. Tested in Messages app.

Device: Flame
Build ID: 20140723121905
Gaia: 15c84c943e41ad834640a45e1e1c2ac804168af7
Gecko: 30907d52c4c2
Version: 34.0a1 (Master)
Firmware Version: v122

Device: Buri
Build ID: 20140723152707
Gaia: 91986777d0942b63e37fbfeec19d69d6176d6d74
Gecko: 392054b2e899
Version: 32.0 (2.0)
Firmware Version: v1.2device.cfg
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; rv:32.0) Gecko/32.0 Firefox/32.0

Device: Flame
Build ID: 20140723075714
Gaia: 6e4eaa5befce9c1812e07bcc78b2138645bdbe7a
Gecko: 2d16ba0b45bc
Version: 30.0 (1.4)
Firmware Version: v122

Device: Buri
Build ID: 20140721151227
Gaia: 23f55be856cef53c6604a6fe4aeb09061afbc897
Gecko: 9727017eabb9
Version: 28.0 (1.3)
Firmware Version: v1.2device.cfg


Not setting tracking flags because I've not seen this bug repro on any device/branch.
QA Whiteboard: [QAnalyst-Triage?]
Flags: needinfo?(jmitchell)
Keywords: qawanted

Comment 6

4 years ago
unable to reproduce, Comment 5, close this bug.
blocking-b2g: 2.1? → ---
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
QA Whiteboard: [QAnalyst-Triage?] → [QAnalyst-Triage+]
Flags: needinfo?(jmitchell)
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