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[RFE] Change "from" email address in compose window


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I have an entire domain, where any email to that domain reaches a single
mailbox. I also have some forwarded addresses. For those, it is impractical to
open a full blown account for each address.

On the other hand, I sometimes need to send mail from one of those addresses.
Either to change DNS on internic, answer a party that sent mail to one of my
"use once throwaway" email addresses, or any other reason.

In pine, I can simply change the From: field. Both real name and email address.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.Click the "new mail" button

Actual Results:  A combo box allows me to select any of the configured email

Expected Results:  A combo box allows me to select any of the configured email
addresses, but the result is then a plain text box that is modifyable.

It would be nice if I could also save frequently used email addresses to be
included in the combo box, despite them not being actual email addresses.

Pine also has a configuration to tell it which emails are mine, so that pressing
"reply to all" will not reply to myself.

Both of those are merely nice to have.
Would you be satisfied with, perhaps, having "Custom..." as the final item in the pop-up 
list of sender addresses? That would probably be the easiest to implement.
Yes, that would be great. It does open some questions regarding "which
configuration to use".
For example - each account I have may have a different "sent-items" folder, or
even an "SMTP server" setting (the later is not the case in my situation, but
from a program functionality perspective

The proposed solution will do the trick for me, but I am wondering in terms of
overall program useability whether it will not be smarter to implement this in
the way I suggested.

Another way to implement this, which may prove easier (and then again - maybe
not) is to implement custom headers (i.e. - X-Mood: Angry, or X-Answer: 42). I
can then have a custom header called "From:", and let me override the text
placed in the original form, while still having it tied to a specific account.

Like I said, for my particular problem, simply having a "custom..." option,
sending using the default accout settings (or having a special account
specifically for that purpose) works for me.
RFE, confirming.

The behavior for validation should be constant - if the mail client requires a
valid e-mail address in account settings, it should with custom addresses also.
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Summary: I should be able to change (free form) the "from" email address → [RFE] Change "from" email address in compose window
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