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Installer fonts are blurry


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Windows 8.1
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Firefox 29


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On a 12" Full HD screen on a laptop running windows 8.1, the installer fonts looked blurry, while the same kind of dialog in Firefox itself (for the migration wizard) look fine. It would seem like a pixel density issue, where the installer is rendering at 1:1 and scaling at 1.5:1 or something itself.

See attached screenshots. On some characters, you can even see what looks like subpixel antialiasing being itself antialiased.
The stub installer is the primary installer now. Could you check if you see the same with it? If so, then this will be fixed when we have the time to convert the full installer to use the same UI. Thanks
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The stub installer looks equally bad.
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If that's any comfort, the bootcamp driver installer has the same problem (I guess it's just using NSIS)
I hadn't noticed it being blurry previously and I'll check on my system after I get it back tomorrow. Thanks for the on Mac OS X data point.

Brian, have you noticed this on any of your devices?
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Note that's *not* on a mac (I was installing bootcamp drivers to be able to use the usb dvd drive from a mac)
Thanks. By chance were you installing on a VM or anything else somewhat unusual?
No, windows 8.1 straight out of the box.
FWIW, the MozillaBuild installer, also using NSIS, has the same problem.
Note: NSIS added ManifestDPIAware in 3.0 Alpha 0 which should fix this with additional work.
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This fixes this bug until such a time as we can upgrade NSIS which can include <dpiAware>true</dpiAware> in the manifest.
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We are lacking the proper device to reproduce the bug.
Without reproducing the bug we can't verify it.
Mike Hommey can you help us by checking to see if the bug is fixed on the latest beta ? ( )
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The bug is indeed fixed. There are a few remaining issues, though. I'll file new bugs.
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Thanks Mike for the provided help, marking the bug as verified.
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