Ctrl-Shift on Windows sets directionality for <input> and <textarea>, but not contenteditable




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5 years ago
The platform-independent directionality setting keyboard shortcut in FireFox is Ctrl-Shift-X. It works on Windows and Linux. In IE and Chrome (on Windows), the keyboard shortcut for this purpose is Ctrl-Shift (LeftShift or RightShift). To my surprise, today I discovered that Ctrl-Shift now also works in the current FireFox (26) on Windows. (I have Win7, but I doubt that's important.) However, it only works on <input> and <textarea>. On conteneditable, it is ignored - but Ctrl-Shift-X works (kind of - see bug 962015). Could we get Ctrl-Shift to work on Windows on contenteditable too? RTL users are mouch more familiar with Ctrl-Shift (which also works in all Microsoft products, e.g. Word) than with Mozilla's Ctrl-Shift-X.

Handy URL for testing:
data:text/html,<html><body><div contenteditable="true">Edit me!</div></body></html>

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5 years ago
I bet this check is causing this: <https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/66db4ae2f2c7#l3.225>

Not sure why I did that in bug 98160 :/
Blocks: 98160

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5 years ago
Oh, bug 962015 is the reason why I did that!  :-)
Depends on: 962015


5 years ago
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Product: Firefox → Core
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