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Start generating an additional build daily for Buri at 8am in Taipei's timezone


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In the QA work week, we realized that we can a lot of value if we have two builds generated per day - one at the time we currently generate a Buri build at + a build at 8am in Taipei's timezone. The reasoning for this is that we currently invest resources to do on device UI automation twice a day, so having the ability to test on distinct builds for each automation run gets a lot of value to catch bugs quicker.

Build Needs Summary

Device: Hamachi
Types: Production & Engineering

* Central
* Aurora
* Any b2g-specific branch built in 1.3 or later
** Example - mozilla-b2g28_v1_3-hamachi
8am Taipei appears to be 4pm PST.
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This will run *all* m-c b2g nightlies at 0402 and 1602 PST.
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Oh, I missed the other branches in comment 0.
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This is going to cause significantly more load, since it will launch all b2g nightlies on 3 branches.
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something is in production! :)
Followup fix is in production.
There is a problem with the builds now (presume caused by this).

It is picking up new Gecko changes but not the latest Gaia(git) changes.

New Taipei timezone build:
<project name="gaia.git" path="gaia" remote="mozillaorg" revision="09064f43116d1b965cb3ab6516fa0f1fa3c98a4c"/>

Usual PST timezone build  - this one has the same Gaia commit 
<project name="gaia.git" path="gaia" remote="mozillaorg" revision="09064f43116d1b965cb3ab6516fa0f1fa3c98a4c"/>
Aki - Any ideas on what's causing comment 10?
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That's bug 966251, no?
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(In reply to Aki Sasaki [:aki] from comment #12)
> That's bug 966251, no?

Ah okay. That sounds right.
Component: General Automation → General
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