Open Bug 963131 Opened 9 years ago Updated 6 years ago

Use Open Type MATH constants for StretchStacks


(Core :: MathML, enhancement)

Not set




(Reporter: fredw, Unassigned)


(Depends on 1 open bug)


Currently for under/over scripts that are not accents, the MathML code follows TeX and always use largeop constants (even when the base is not a largeop). In my patches for bug 961365, I use the corresponding *Limit* constants from the MATH table. However, the MATH table has additional parameters for "Stretch Stacks". They should probably be used when the base is a stretchy horizontal operator.

Currently, the embellish op data have the stretchy direction and we can probably get the stretchiness from the coreFrame member or by adding a NS_MATHML_EMBELLISH_STRETCHY flag.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Depends on: 1280558
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