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Variable format error in reportURInotHttpsOrHttp label


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reportURInotHttpsOrHttp = The report URI (%1$) should be an HTTP or HTTPS URI.

This doesn't look right to me. This "%1$" should be either "%$" or "%1$S".

If I'm correct, at this point (already landed on mozilla-central) we need a new string ID to fix it.
(In reply to Francesco Lodolo [:flod] from comment #0)
> This doesn't look right to me. This "%1$" should be either "%$" or "%1$S".

I meant "%S" or "%1$S".
Garrett, can you confirm the issue here? I'd like to fix this before it slips to Aurora (if we're still in time)
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Here's the (trivial) patch.
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Francesco, I think we can just assume that is an error as it does not conform to the format string syntax. I can try to review it later, but am waiting on a slow build for something else atm so can't confirm for some time.

What do you mean when you say we'll need a new string ID?
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r=me so long as the change that introduced this string has not been lifted to Aurora yet.  New string name is required if it needs to go to localization again, which I think happens once we .

Axel: is my assumption right?  Is this change OK without a new string label?
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Wrong assumption

You need a new ID after the string has been exposed to the localization process, which means landed in mozilla-central. In this case I think the original string is broken, not showing the expected parameter, so the more important to make people notice the updated content, and using a new ID is the only way (invalidate existing translation, force localizers to translate the new string).

Aurora is string frozen, which mean you can't change (add/remove) strings at all.
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We currently have 9 localizations on central. Some of these people are also developers and can understand when a variable is wrong, but we already have 4 wrong localizations too (eo, es-CL, ru, sv-SE).

We either change the ID or commit this and file individual bugs for these locales (I prefer the first option), as long as we do it fast.

If this moves to Aurora, we'll need approvals to fix it and the number of wrong localizations will grow much faster.
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Implement flod's preferred option :)
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Forgot to check "patch"
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Thanks! Patch looks definitely good to me, but I don't think I'm entitled to review it (switching to f+) ;-)
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I think we got this sorted out, removing the needinfo flag.
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