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Some localstore.rdf persistence is broken (post 8/17)


(Core :: XUL, defect)

Windows 2000
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(Reporter: jrgmorrison, Assigned: danm.moz)




Overview Description: 

Some aspects of persistence with localstore.rdf are broken in builds
after 8/17, at least on win32.

Steps to Reproduce: 
1) create a new profile; shutdown
2) delete localstore.rdf from that profile
3) start again -- a new localstore.rdf will be created
4) type 'http://jrgm/setibench.html' in the urlbar (this will run 
   some JS that will resize the browser window)
5) type '' 
6) do 'File->Exit'
7) check the timestamp on localstore.ref -- is it current (i.e., now)?
8) start again -- what size is the browser window?
9) drop down the history popup in the urlbar -- are the two URLs above
   listed in the dropdown?

Actual Results:   8/20 & 8/21 comm. builds win2k -- No, default size and no.
Expected Results: 8/17 comm. build win2k -- Yes, 800x600 and yes.

Reproducibility: 100% win2k -- need to check mac/linux

Possibly a leak; possibly something changed in persisting code path.
This applies to linux 8/21 builds, but not to Mac 08/21 builds.

I should note that if you resize the window and then quit, then the window
size and URLs are persisted.

Probably need to fix this, or at least figure out how much is affected, for
the emojo release.
Blocks: 99194
Dan/Peter - This not targeted, but has an nsenterprise+ keyowrd. Additonally,
this hasn't been commented on in a while. Status Please .. .Will this be
fixed this week?
Okay, after exercising my talent for performing incredibly repetive and boring 
tasks, I have narrowed this down some more. In favour of getting the specifics 
right, I only did this on win32. 

This is only a problem in the commercial builds. I don't see this problem in a 
current trunk build for mozilla, but I do see it in either the commercial trunk 
or commercial branch for today. 

If I type a URL into the urlbar to load a page, then do File->Exit, then 
localstore.rdf will not be written to disk at program exit. Any other changes
during the session, such as resizing the window or (un)collapsing the sidebar 
will be lost, in addition to any URLs that are typed into the urlbar. 

If I do _not_ type in a URL, then localstore.rdf _is_ written to disk, and 
resize/collapse state will be saved. 

It is only when I use the urlbar, that persistence is broken.

... and let me one step further: if I just type "asdfasdf" in the urlbar 
(without hitting enter), then localstore.rdf is not persisted to disk at
program exit.

[Guess: "So what evil Netscape goo attached to the urlbar is causing a leak?"]
Any chance of making it so there aren't any destructors in the stack where
localstore.rdf is written to disk?
I think we need to figure this out and get it fixed for N6.2
Keywords: nsbranch+
dbaron: sure, we could move it somewhere else. But then we'd never find these
great leaks, would we? :-)

jrgm: do you have to _type_, or is just _clicking_ in the URL bar sufficient to
cause the leak? If not, how about causing the URL bar to drop-down?
I believe that I need to _type_, not just click, although a single keystroke
is sufficient. [I'll check that statement and update the bug].

Note that the checkins on the comm. branch from morning 8/17 to afternoon
8/20 amount to the addition of a single property to, 
a property that was already on the mozilla branch. However, in the same 
time period, hyatt landed his popup changes (which triggered a few other

It may be possible to do this in a mozilla build. Or, at one point, this 
seemed to happen to me using a mozilla build (current trunk) but when I 
went back to try again, I couldn't figure out the right set of steps to 
reproduce. [Perhaps some change in ordering of event listeners makes this
100% on a comm. build, and now-you-see-it-now-you-don't on a mozilla build].
So, I can click to bring up either the history dropdown, or the keyverbs 
dropdown, I can use the keyboard navigation keystrokes in the urlbar (home, 
end, <-, ->, etc.) and I can even enter text into the middle of the current 
URL (e.g,

But, if I enter text so as to bring up the autocomplete popup, then other 
persistable changes (e.g., resize window, collapse sidebar) are not persisted
at program exit.
removed keyword nsbranch since it now has nsbranch+, per pdt mtg.
Keywords: nsbranch
I can't get the autocomplete popup to pop up in my Linux commercial debug
build.  (Hitting enter in the URL bar also doesn't work in my Linux commercial
or Mozilla debug build, and hasn't for months, although it's fine in my
optimized build.)  But localstore persistence seems OK for me even in my Linux
commercial optimized build, where the dropdown works.
I can't reproduce this on my Win2k build. Been trying for quite a while. I've 
tried Mozilla and Netscape debug builds from this morning's source, and a 
Netscape 0.9.4 prefab build (2001-09-26-05-0.9.4). I've tried John's steps above 
from 2001-09-12 22:12 and 2001-09-12 22:08 (mostly the latter). I've also tried 
my own version of the original overview steps (http://jrgm/setibench.html doesn't 
seem to exist any longer, so I used this test file:)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://navigator/skin/" type="text/css"?> 
<!DOCTYPE window>
<window align="horizontal"
    xmlns     =""
    title = "localstore.rdf persistence test">

    <button label="resize window" onclick="window.resizeTo(400,300)"/>

Load it, click the button to resize the window, hit File->Exit. I've tried other 
variations. It's always worked for me. localstore.rdf's timestamp is always 
updated after exiting the app and any window sizing I may have done has always 
stuck. I appreciate your working on this so much, John, but well, maybe it was a 
leak that's since been fixed.
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yep, I can't reproduce this anymore branch or trunk builds.
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