first scroll and pinch-zooming don't work on specific site




5 years ago
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5 years ago
This site goes blank as soon as you touch scroll. With wheel scroll it inches along at a reduced rate.

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5 years ago
I see one display port update and then phhbt - nothing after that.

APZC: Calculated displayport as (0.000000 -18.633333 1376.000000 2093.066650) from velocity (0.000000 0.031250) acceleration (1.000000 1.000000) paint time 0.000000 metrics: i=(7 3) cb=(0 0 1920 1080) dp=(0.000 -3.583 1376.000 2093.067) v=(0.000 0.000 1376.000 774.000) s=(0.000 18.633) sr=(0.000 0.000 1376.000 2093.067) z=(1.395 1.000 1.000 1.395) 0

Input is still arriving at the apzc, but it doesn't appear to be doing anything with it.

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5 years ago
mState appears to be set correctly as well for the drag.
Posted file bug964403.htm
Reduced test case. If I remove the float: left on div#bug_bug_bug it touch scrolls fine. The site also mysteriously doesn't pinch zoom. There's no viewport meta tag or @viewport css rule.


5 years ago
Depends on: 956690
Whiteboard: [metro] → [metro] [gfx]
I'm unable to reproduce some of the issues you describe, either on the bug URL or the reduced test case. On both pages I can touch-scroll fine. On the socialfly page there is a big checkerboard-type flash right when I start scrolling which is pretty ugly but once the scrolling gets going it seems to behave ok. On the reduced case I can't pinch zoom - I can look into that if needed but it doesn't seem like as serious of an issue. Can you guys re-check on the latest m-c code if you're still seeing the problems or not?

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5 years ago
Things seem to have improved a bit on that page. I'll check aurora as well. The first drag doesn't seem to work. but subsequent drags do now.

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5 years ago
Same behavior on aurora. First drag is wonky, subsequent drags seems to work.
Summary: site goes blank when scrolled → first scroll and pinch-zooming don't work on specific site
Metro-specific bug so I'm closing it out. We can reopen it or file a new one if metro ever gets resurrected.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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