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release 72 has broken the cron submitter


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(Reporter: lars, Assigned: bburton)


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at 6:42, the cron submitter, the process that submits crashes from production to staging broke.  The new configuration in svn eliminates some old files.  Strangely, the cron submitter relies on the existence of "/etc/socorro/socorro-monitor.conf".   This needs to be fixed or the new method of moving crashes from prod to stage implemented immediately.
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this problem can be solved with the new submitter_app and configuration alone.  This would deprecate the .../scripts/crons/ file entirely.

1) create a cron_submitter.ini file for that will select 1000 crash_ids from PG, pull them from hbase and submit to staging.  [lars has this done]

2) create a cron_submitter_secrets.ini file for the postgres login information  [lars has this done]

3) commit these ini files to prod svn

4) delete the cron job on the admin box

5) create a new cron job with the same timing as the old one, with 'flock' for locking:
    python /data/socorro/application/socorro/collector/ --admin.conf=config/cron_submitter.ini

we're done.
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This all sounds good, proceed with step 3 and I'll commit these changes for steps 4,5

-> % svn diff
Index: prod/etc-crond/socorro
--- prod/etc-crond/socorro	(revision 81448)
+++ prod/etc-crond/socorro	(working copy)
@@ -19,4 +19,4 @@
 0 * * * * socorro /data/socorro/application/scripts/crons/

 # PROD ONLY - submit crashes to stage
-*/4 * * * * socorro /data/socorro/application/scripts/crons/ 1000
+*/4 * * * * socorro /usr/bin/flock -w 30 /var/lock/socorro-cron-stagecrashsubmitter.lock python /data/socorro/application/socorro/collector/ --admin.conf=config/cron_submitter.ini
Flags: needinfo?(bburton)
-> % svn ci -m "new cron submitter cronjob for socorro prod, bug 965244"
Sending        files/prod/etc-crond/socorro
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 81470.
Commits pushed to master at
bug 965244 - updating to use, still needs shell script to invoke ENV stuff so cron is happy
bug 965244 - determined socorro-monitor.conf isn't needed
Merge pull request #1835 from solarce/master

bug 965244 - updating to use, still n...
Assignee: lars → bburton
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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