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Monocles are visible even if selected content isn't in viewport (follow-up for bug 960889)


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Windows 8.1
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When you have some text selected while using Gmail to create a new email, scrolling the email up or down will display monocles even if selected text isn't in viewport after scrolling. It's also possible to use test case attached to the bug 960889 to reproduce the issue.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Open Firefox Metro
2) Log into Gmail and select "Compose"
3) Paste a few paragraphs into the email (enough so you can scroll through the email)
4) Select a few sentences with the selection monocle (should have two monocles on each end of the selected text)
5) Swipe either up or down to move through the email in such way that selected text is no longer visible.

Current Behavior:

- Monocles are still visible even if selected content is hidden;

Expected Behavior:

- Monocles should be visible only if selected content is visible.
Blocks: 957244
Blocks: metrobacklog
Whiteboard: [defect] p=0
This isn't support in general cases, both with text areas and forms. We remove the monocles if they come off the screen, but not for sub frames or large form inputs.
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Mass close of bugs in obsolete product
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