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Stress test home panel JS API


(Firefox for Android :: Awesomescreen, defect)

Not set




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e.g. Many quick successive insertions, large quantities of data, delete, insert

How does that affect maintenance (bug 965448)? How should that affect the amount of storage each addon should be granted (bug 965452)?

See also malicious addons (bug 965026).
Priority: -- → P1
Priority: P1 → P2
I've been using my hub kitchen sink add-on to start doing this:

I found that with large datasets, we would run into database locked exceptions, which is no good, but I'm working to address that in bug 965452.

I also want to test what happens if you try to install a crazy number of panels.
Downgrading from a P2. We can file more actionable bugs as we find specific problematic testcases.

To anyone working to look on this bug, you should fork the add-on I mentioned in the previous comment and try doing crazy things with the HomeProvider API to see if you can chase out any bugs :)
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