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4 years ago
This bug is a continuation of an email thread. Basic summary: 

1)We'll merge @mozteach into @webmaker

2)Further discussion needed on what to to with Webmaker Blog, Tumblr and G+.

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4 years ago
So we'll need to address:

1) plan/copy/timing for letting @mozteach followers know to follow @webmaker (anyone know of a tool that lets us cross-reference followers from two separate accounts?)

2) Review stats on Tumblr and Webmaker blog - combine or keep separate? 

3) Create content plan, growth strategy and calendar (include guidelines for guest contributors?)

4) Identify editors
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* Awesome triage Lainie. Can we assign this one to you to make sure those questions get answered next week?
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
Amira, Lainie, EricaS and ErikaD hacked this:

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4 years ago
Marking this bug as resolved as we came up with the strategy to streamline channels and focus ALL of Webmaker movement on:

Webmaker blog - Amira own and Studio Mofo is giving it a facelift
Webmaker Twitter - Lainie/Amira own
Webmaker Listserve - Responsibility of all of Webmaker community + team (though Lainie is on top of reminders and Amira engages with community)
G+ Community - Laura/Lainie own
BSD Webmaker lists - Lainie/Amira to create engagement strategy
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What's the sunset strategy for actually turning off the other channels?  ie @mozteach, tumblr, etc?

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4 years ago
Channels like @mozteach @webliteracy have notified followers with a couple tweets and will be changing descriptions to indicated followers to use @webmaker -- we also already followed all the individuals following these accounts. 

Tumblr is not being 'turned off'. We're just not going to use it until a proper strategy become evident which the new engagement marketing person can assess when they're hired. There's a big audience here and though we have debated whether this is actually our target or converts we are aware that something in the future can be done with this audience. 

Blogs are on a case by case basis. We've asked Doug to point users to the Webmaker blog. Brett, can you do the same with the Webmaker Product blog? Just a short description saying all postings will now be hosted on the Webmaker blog.
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