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Internationalization API uses ICU C++ API for NumberingSystem


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The implementation of the ECMAScript Internationalization uses the ICU C++ API to obtain information about the default numbering system for a locale. Using the C++ API is unsafe when using an ICU library provided by the operating system:

The C++ API was used here because there was no equivalent C API at the time:
The missing C API has since been added in ICU 52.
Attached patch Use new C API instead of C++ API (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch builds with the Internationalization API enabled or disabled, and passes the intl402 tests if build with the Internationalization API enabled.

However, the new C API in ICU is still marked as draft in the API documentation, so it may be to early to use it in production:
Attached patch Use new C API instead of C++ API (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Now with updated Try run at
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Duplicate of this bug: 919859
Component: JavaScript Engine → JavaScript: Internationalization API
This patch would be complete, but on b2g where we use the system ICU in some configurations, the system ICU is "50.1+" per build/autoconf/icu.m4.  According to this bug, unumsys.h was added in 52.1, so landing this patch as-is would break b2g with system ICU.

Where's that leave this patch?  Pocketed, I guess, until system b2g is newer.  Or maybe some sort of adjustment can be made based on $ANDROID_VERSION.  I dunno.  Not important enough to investigate and possibly solve now.
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Can we now land it?
Dusted off the patch.
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Bug 966559 - Use public C API for NumberingSystem.
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Use public C API for NumberingSystem. r=Waldo
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