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Quit button in AppMenu footer has no tooltip on Windows


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Windows 8.1
Not set



Firefox 29


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Think this in an inadvertent side-effect of bug 940116, which (ironically) fixed the tooltips of the appmenu buttons to be more consistent.

Looking at the code, it seems OSX and Linux get a tooltip for the Quit button, since they have shortcuts for it. Windows doesn't so it misses out on *any* tooltip - which isn't ideal, given the button is just an image with no visible label.
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Ended up refactoring the preprocessor directives in _updateQuitTooltip, because I found it became too confusing once I added Windows to the mix. So, little bit of redundancy now, but so much easier to understand.
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Hrm. AIUI, we were trying to match OS conventions with this tooltip... I just shouldn't have removed this line:

and the idea of leaving that there was why _updateQuitTooltip didn't do anything for Windows. I then just accidentally removed too much out of there.

Does that sound acceptable? :-)
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Hm, indeed it does. But, I think the tooltip should include brandShortName too though.
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Patch v2

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Hm. Works for me, but note that we don't do this on Linux either. Should we be doing the same there?
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