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Need a way to run reftest-print with shrink-to-fit


(Testing :: Reftest, enhancement, P4)



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(Reporter: MatsPalmgren_bugz, Unassigned)


In bug 966419 and bug 960822 we added some tests to verify that
shrink-to-fit works as intended but it seems the reftest
framework does not apply shrink-to-fit (although it's the
default in the browser Print and Print Preview).
Priority: -- → P4
Version: unspecified → Trunk
I suspect we should be able to fix this by setting "ps.shrinkToFit = true;" inside of setupPrintMode(), in reftest-content.js, per bug 966419 comment 8. (but only do it if we have a new special class on <html>, or something)
It's worth thinking about whether we'd want to set other print settings -- it might make sense to have something like a JSON blob in an attribute, e.g., data-print-settings="{ shrinkToFit: true }" on the HTML element.  It's also worth trying to keep it easy; it seems like there should be easy solutions here that don't require spending too much time on.
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