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update will appear stalled when dismissing/returning to "About" flyout


(Firefox for Metro Graveyard :: Install/Update, defect, P2)

Windows 8.1


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When a user is downloading an update via the "About" flyout screen, dismissing the flyout and then returning back will look like the download has completely stalled. In actuality, the update has already been downloaded and updated but the "Restart to Update" button is missing and the number of MBs downloaded has also stopped incrementing.

Example of issue:

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Download and install an older version of Nightly
2) Once installed, Open Firefox Metro
3) Slide in the Windows Charm and select "Settings -> About"
4) Firefox Metro should start downloading the new build
5) Dismiss the flyout and wait several minutes (enough time for the download to complete and apply the update)
6) Slide in the Windows Charm and select "Settings -> About" (You'll notice that the downloaded appears to be stalled and the restart button isn't appearing)
7) Close Firefox Metro using the swipe gesture (ensure that you wait 2-3 seconds so it closes properly)
8) Try launching Firefox Metro by taping/clicking on the Nightly Desktop icon (browser won't launch the first time, nor the second time etc..)
9) After about a minute, taping/clicking on the Nightly Desktop icon will launch the newly updated Firefox Metro browser

Current Behavior:

- The download will appear stalled/stuck when you return to the "About" flyout several minutes after the download has began. In actuality, it has already been downloaded and updated.

Expected Behavior:

- If the download/update has been completed, returning to the "About" screen should display the "Restart to Update" button.

Found the issue using the following build:
- Once the above build was installed, updated to the latest version via "About" flyout
I've seen this happen in the past, it's not a regression from bug 950241.
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