Generate partial updates from 27.0build1 (27.0rc) to 28.0b1



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4 years ago
Partial updates are roughly half the size of completes when you need to jump to a new version, and then partials are roughly 1/10th within a version. Most of our beta users are on 27.0 build1 from the work in bug 908134, so a partial gets them to 28.0b1 quicker. It will also help QA if we get users of 27.0build1 ASAP.

Comment 1

4 years ago
Also need to run update verify separately, because it's failing in the release automation. It's installing 27.0 build1 without modifying update-settings.ini, so the 28.0b1 mar files aren't accepted (beta id on the file).
QA encountered no issues with these updates on betatest:

Comment 4

4 years ago
Redone for 28.0b1 build2. Notes in the same location as comment #2.
For the sake of not slipping our ship target today, QA opted to skip over betatest updates in testing and go straight into testing releasetest. We encountered no issues in testing 27b9 -> 27rc -> 28b1#2 updates on releasetest today. You can see our testing here:

One minor caveat is that it seems we didn't necessarily have to edit update-settings.ini to include "firefox-mozilla-beta" on Mac OSX. When Tracy tested this he was able to get a 27rc->28b1 update on releasetest without modifying the file. I've decided since updates ultimate still worked that this shouldn't block 28b1 but it's a possible "glitch" that you might want to look into more, Nick. Obviously, we can assist as needed.

I will be sending sign-off shortly.
Note that I was not able to replicate on Ubuntu and Windows 7 what Tracy reported on OSX in comment 5.

Comment 7

4 years ago
That makes sense. The updater is only checking the signing & channel id on the mar files on windows (at the moment). I've been making the same changes on all platforms for consistency.
So not updating update-settings.ini on Mac will fail eventually?

Comment 9

4 years ago
Yes. I can't find the bug right now, but there's one to extend the checks to all platforms.

We shipped 28.0b1, all done here.
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