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getting ambigous results for long running instances -> tst-w64-ec2-001 and tst-w64-ec2-002


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According to sanity check email these have been up for ~200 hours.

' status' says they are both running.

Slave Health says they are 'stopped'

AWS web console ( can't find them when I search.

slavealloc says they are attached to bm70 for 'Date branch purposes'

I can't ssh or ping them.

I am creating this bug because, as far as I can tell, we are getting conflicting results from various sources. This could be a bug or it could be me failing to understand how things work.

Either way, I don't want to ' stop tst-w64-ec2-001' until I know more.

for similar situation regarding slave health vs aws_manage_instances discrepancy
I think these should be marked as loaned to jhopkins?
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in our sanity email I see ones with 'dev' and ones without in hostname:

== Loaned ==
dev-tst-w64-ec2-002 (i-873c0c8e, us-west-2): Loaned to in an unknown bug, stopped
dev-tst-w64-ec2-001 (i-29566620, us-west-2): Loaned to in an unknown bug, stopped
dev-tst-w64-ec2-000 (i-b21a4c86, us-west-2): Loaned to in an unknown bug, stopped

==== Long running instances ====
0 tst-w64-ec2-002 (i-9a4e93ac, us-west-2): up for 208 hours
1 tst-w64-ec2-001 (i-be06698a, us-west-2): up for 208 hours

The ones that specifically say jhopkins in loaned section, are apparently stopped. I am not sure if they are related but something seems fishy here. Either we have duplicates and is confused or we have a some instances that are running/hiding in a dark cloud ;)
I've terminated the dev-tst-w64-ec2-* instances listed above.

I left the tst-w64-ec2-* instances running.  I see that moz-loaned-to on each of those instances is set to which is fine.
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