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A way to verify app:// origins in the Firefox Accounts verifier




5 years ago
5 years ago


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If an app posts an identity assertion up to its server, the server should be able to ask the Firefox Accounts verifier to verify the assertion, even if it has an app://something url.

Presently, the verifier rejects such origins - and for good reason, since a url of the form app://{guid} is inherently unverifiable.  But if the app has a stable, if arbitrary, origin in its manifest (the case for packaged apps), then the app's server should be allowed to tell the verifier that this is an accepted origin.

Such a change will require only simple changes to the DOM API, for which we already have Bug 947374, and a simple modification to the verifier.
Depends on: 947374
QA Contact: jparsons


5 years ago
Blocks: 955951
Wait.  What am I talking about.  That's completely irrelevant.  Sorry.  Move along ...
The good :fmarier will open a PR in the new verifier [1] that does something like this PR that I completely forgot I landed in the old verifier last year [2].


Benson, do you know if the new 'browserid-verifier' has been deployed in production yet?  Or are we still using the old 'browserid' verifier for Persona and Firefox Accounts?
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@jedp the new verifier ( is deployed at 

Let me know when your PR lands and I will deploy it. 

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Thanks, Benson!
Blocks: 947374
No longer depends on: 947374
:fmarier remarks that, according to the unit tests, this feature is already live and deployed on the new verifier.  Thank you, Lloyd.
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