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Create mozmill test for safe browsing


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Windows 8.1
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(Whiteboard: [metro])

1. The Metro Firefox user visits and sees a big warning page.
2. The user taps the "Get me out of here" link and the warning page is replaced with the Awesome screen (about:start page)
4. Gets back to the warning page
5. The user taps the "Why was the page blocked" link and is taken to
Why has this to be a Mozmill test? Can you please explain your decision? Thanks.
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Sam, what about this testcase? Do you think it will be covered? Thanks.
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We could do this as a mochitest by loading the its-a-trap page into a tab, confirm the "Get me out of here"  and "Why was this blocked" links are present. I'm not sure it adds much value to start following each link or action on the page from within a mochitest though. We just want to verify the blocked-page handling works and shows the right content to the user in metrofx.
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This cannot become a mochitest given that it's not allowed to use external URLs in your tests. So given that and regarding the l10n specific checks it might be very helpful to have it as a Mozmill test similar to desktop. 

It's not clear yet when the safe browsing database will be updated for the new itisatrap pages, so I will add the appropriate bug as see also.
See Also: → 971240
Metro is dead. So nothing more to do here.
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