Defect - Deleting all the Top Sites leaves bottom bar unable to close



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Steps to reproduce:

1. Ater visiting several sites I went back to start page (with Top Sites on). 
2. Firefox had recorded my top sites but I didnt want them so I proceeded to delete them. I selecting them with the "pull down touch" and clicked the delete from the bottom bar.
3. Additional ones appeared to replace the ones I deleted (as is normal I think) but eventually I was left with none.

Actual results:

All sites were deleted but the bottom bar still remained with an "Undelete" button. I could not close the bar, even by clicking somewhere else on the page. All I could do was press undelete then reselect a site and then unselect it. The bar disappeared then but I was still left with sevwral sites.

Expected results:

The bar should close when the screen is tpuched outside of the bar - or there should be a close button.
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OS: All → Windows 8
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We should add a close button to the bar to allow the user to explicitly commit to the action and dismiss the bar
We'll need to add a close button here:

and some code to go with it, and decide under what conditions it should be shown.  We could show it only when showing the "restore" button, e.g.:
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Keywords: polish, ux-control
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related to bug 877875. There's some discussion there about tapping empty space to dismiss context bar too.
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Mass close of bugs in obsolete product
Closed: 2 years ago
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