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Steps to reproduce:

I visited with Firefox OS.

Actual results:

I got a Desktop Website.

Expected results:

I expected a Mobile Website. does not detect Firefox OS devices as smartphones. The detection is done in this JavaScript file:
This file is from the detection framework. Unfortunately, the file is too old to detect all newer smartphones correctly - it contains this comment:

/* *******************************************
// Copyright 2010, Anthony Hand
// File version date: November 28, 2010

It seems has added some code to this file, starting here:

var mobileURL = "";
var mobileSwitch = function(overrideMobileURL) {

If upgrading, this code must probably be copied over to the new file or otherwise preserved.
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If upgrades to a version of this script where DetectTierIphone() returns true in Firefox OS, the current code will work. However, detecting devices by name is a fragile approach and will probably require maintenance also in the future. We suggest using this mobile framework more for statistics and add a more robust method to support the site's functionality. The mobile site can be offered through for example any of the following methods:

* screen size detection

* CSS media queries 

* rewriting the site to adapt to any screen automatically
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Priority: -- → P5
Closing as we are not working on Firefox OS anymore.
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Tech Evangelism → Web Compatibility
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