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Remove uninteresting cases for certificate usage verification


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In bug 878932 I had to map NSS-style certificate usages to (ku, eku, trust bit). This patch removes the cases I didn't add mappings for, which aren't supported by insanity::pkix and which either aren't or don't need to be supported by our NSS-based usage verification. This patch is needed in order to make tests pass when using insanity::pkix.
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Remove uninteresting cases for certificate usage checks

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I want to r+ this, but until we solve the nsNSSCeritifcateDB call we cant remove all the cases listed here.

::: security/manager/ssl/src/nsUsageArrayHelper.cpp
@@ +95,3 @@
>    case certificateUsageSSLCA:
>      typestr = "VerifySSLCA";
>      break;

Cant remove this because of:

But (I think we are failing on this already, ie I think we dont test this case)
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Thanks for catching that. Here's an updated patch. In this version, I also removed the unneeded named variables in the testing framework.
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Remove uninteresting cases for certificate usage checks [v2]

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See bug 878932 comment 37.
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