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Bugzilla form for Community IT Requests


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As part of making it easier for Mozillians to request hosting services for their community from Community IT, we, at Community IT, would like to have a bugzilla form for people to use when requesting hosting/mail/other services we offer.

Please could you build it upon ?

Posts should be directed to:
Other>Mozilla Reps>Community IT Requests

Thanks :)

Please do let me know of anything you need to move forwards.
Summary: Bugzilla form for Community IT Request → Bugzilla form for Community IT Requests
Component: Administration → Extensions: REMO
Assignee: nobody → glob
i've pushed the form to our development site for your testing and feedback:
Flags: needinfo?(tom)
Looking good for the most part!

Your Communitiy's Name:* 	
Could you please correct this to Community's?

One final thing, someone reminded me earlier, could you please add a field for domain to be displayed when SSL or Mail is ticked please?

Apart from that, looking great! Many thanks for this
Flags: needinfo?(tom) has been updated.
Flags: needinfo?(tom)
Love it!
Many thanks :)

Anything you need to proceed?
Flags: needinfo?(tom)
looks like we're good to go:

Committing to: bzr+ssh://
modified .htaccess
added extensions/REMO/template/en/default/bug/create/comment-remo-it.txt.tmpl
added extensions/REMO/template/en/default/bug/create/create-remo-it.html.tmpl
modified extensions/REMO/web/styles/moz_reps.css
Committed revision 9242.

this will be live in approx 12 hours.
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Still not able to access this on production.

Anything blocking this from moving, or is it just taking time?
(In reply to Tom Farrow [:Tad] from comment #6)
> Still not able to access this on production.
> Anything blocking this from moving, or is it just taking time?

Pushes to production normally occur on wednesday nights when glob is online. So this is not going to go out til tonight's push. glob will post here when it is live.

sorry, i had my days mixed up :) is now live.
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