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Don't check whether about:home is bookmarked or in the reading list


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This is done on startup, and it takes a bunch of time 'cos it's the first thing hitting the DB. 100msec on my phone.

Related: we should be hiding the bookmark star and the share icon in the menu when we're showing about:home.
Shouldn't we still allow about:home to be bookmarkable though?
Depends on: 971239
Strong opinion, weakly held: no. It doesn't add any value, we filter it out when we sync, yadda yadda.
(In reply to Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson) from comment #1)
> Shouldn't we still allow about:home to be bookmarkable though?

To elaborate:
* Desktop Firefox allows about:home to be bookmarked
* No other page (that I know of) is not bookmarkable, so disabling/hiding the star for this one case might be "weird" (using my concise UX terminology)

Also, any other URL can load at startup. In many cases, we'll be restoring the last session after being killed in the background. Or the user may have "Don't restore after quitting Fennec" enabled in prefs. Or the user may be launching Fennec with an external URL. The only times we'll show about:home at startup are a) after the user swipes Fennec from the recent apps list, or b) if Fennec is background killed while about:home is the active page.

I wonder if bug 739789 may be a better way to fix this. That is, we can save out any known state (is bookmark, is reader-enabled, etc) for *all* tabs and avoid any extra DB work for all tabs being restored. This would fix the background restore and "Don't restore after quitting" cases listed above. With such a fix, though, the assumption is that these values won't change while Fennec isn't alive, and that's an assumption that could be broken with sync (which may not be a big deal).
Some of this can also be pushed down into the DB access layer -- don't even try looking for whether something is a reader mode thing, or is in the reading list, if it's an about: URI.
Or on first run, Brian -- total cold startup. Then we're loading about:home as our only tab, and also doing a lot of expensive work like creating these DBs so we can query them…
(In reply to Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson) from comment #1)
> Shouldn't we still allow about:home to be bookmarkable though?

I'd say the case for "about:home as a bookmark" is maybe a little less relevant in our UI because you can always access it by tapping on the URL bar.
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