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hamachi: 'Unknown SIM card state' or 'No SIM' after flashed with self-build build


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2.1 S9 (21Nov)
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Steps to reproduce:

Alcatel one touch fire (qcom) / hamachi  (Congstar / Germany)
b2g v1.2 & v1.4 self-build builds

followed the 'Build & Install' guides:

BRANCH=v1.2 ./ hamachi
./ clean
./ -f

for v1.4
./ hamachi
./ clean
./ -f

Actual results:

after flashing the Alcatel device the SIM card is not useable. I am unable to place or receive calls, and i am unable to to use cellular data, too.

v1.2: 'Unknown SIM card state' 
v1.4: 'No SIM'

Expected results:

The SIM card should work normally. It should be possible to place and receive calls and use celluar data, too.
Attached file logcat.log
logcat of branch v1.2
I can confirm this bug. I had the same problem with my Alcatel One Touch Fire, branch v1.2 and v1.4 (master).

I solved it by applying this fix by cargabsj175:

@Bob: Can you try to build with It is equal to the current B2G master (1727144), but uses b2g-manifest with the above fix applied.

This is the dev-b2g thread that helped me:
blocking-b2g: --- → -
@Johannes W: I try to build the branch v1.2 with but at the end i got the same result. the SIM card is not working.
@Bob: It will only work if you do not limit the branch to v1.2. Try ./ without BRANCH!
I have the same issue on my hamachi (Alcatel OneTouch Fire). Affected branches: v1.2, v1.4 and v2.1 (master). Proposed solution works (checkout branch "caf/b2g/ics_strawberry_v1" in "hardware/ril" ), so please merge it (because phone without functionality of phone is not usable)
Bob informed me that the solution in comment #2 works, and if I would like to create a pull request. I asked the original author of the patch, Carlos Sánchez, and he agreed:
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Please try to rename or remove file /system/bin/rilproxy and restart the device.
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Fix "No SIM card" on Alcatel One Touch Fire

Thanks for the PR. I'd like you to check one thing first though - remove the rilproxy repo from the manifest, and make sure your build doesn't have rilproxy in /system/bin/. If that works, please submit a PR to remove rilproxy instead.
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I can confirm that I manually remove rilproxy from /system/bin and it works (modem works).
(In reply to mac from comment #7)
> Please try to rename or remove file /system/bin/rilproxy and restart the device.

(In reply to Michael Wu [:mwu] from comment #8)
> Thanks for the PR. I'd like you to check one thing first though - remove the rilproxy repo from the manifest, [...]

Thanks for the replies! I will try that, unfortunately I can only do it next week.
ZTE Open C, OS Version, build identifier 20141008000201

My phone went into the "Unknown SIM card state" today.  The upper-right corner signal strength meter showed 5 bars and if I pulled down the "windowshade" it showed "T - Mobil".  The Settings sections "Call Settings", "Messaging Settings", and "Cellular & Data" all reported "Unknown SIM card state".  Couldn't place calls or send text messages.

I saw in a different bug that it might have something to do with airplane mode.  I double-checked that I was not in airplane mode but nonetheless I enabled airplane mode and then disabled it and now things are working again.
I finally got time to test the suggestion of removing `/system/bin/rilproxy`, and it works!

I created a new pull request in
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