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Add support for StaggeredGridView layout in dynamic panels


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Filing this bug, so we don't lose track of it. As mentioned on IRC, it would be cool to play around with using this StaggeredGridView library in dynamic panels:
This could be a fun project for someone to play around with. It would be interesting to see how easy/hard it is to plug a new view type into our home panels system.

To start, I would look at how PanelGridView is implemented:
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Hello Margaret, 

I would like to work on this bug, if that is ok with you.

(In reply to Alexandru Chiriac from comment #2)
> Hello Margaret, 
> I would like to work on this bug, if that is ok with you.
> Thanks, 
> Alex

Awesome! This bug involves some experimentation and exploration figuring out exactly what we would want this view to look like. It's definitely a more complicated bug than the others you've worked on, but you can handle it :)

As I mentioned in my last comment, I would start by just trying to create a new view type for StaggeredGridView, and then share some screenshots and/or a test build with some folks from our UX team to see what they think. I cc'd ibarlow and antlam to this bug, they're both on our UX team and would love to provide feedback about how things look :)
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