Open Bug 972661 Opened 8 years ago Updated 3 years ago

Only enable Firefox Developer Tools keyboard shortcuts after first run


(DevTools :: Framework, defect)

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(Reporter: rcampbell, Unassigned)


We have a lot of shortcut keys, the majority of them are not needed by non-developers. These should only be enabled after the Developer Tools have been opened.

Maybe we should only enable Cmd-alt-i or Ctrl-shift-i as the single developer tools key. After that, enable the rest or ask the user if they would like to enable the others?
I worry that this could become confusing to actual developers though...  Since we document (at least some of) the shortcuts and / or people already know them, we may confuse people if they don't work anymore in a new profile.

It's somewhat common for a web developer in an office setting to grab a non-developer's machine to debug some issue they've been able to replicate, so the developer may end up frustrated with our tools when shortcuts that work on their machine seem to mystically not work anymore.
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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