Cache issues when network connection gets dropped.



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Build ID:  2001-08-28-03, Windows 2000.

Summary: Cache issues when network connection gets dropped.

Steps to Reproduce:

1.  Connect to a newsserver (I used news:// and subscribe to
a group.
2.  Read a couple of postings, doesn't matter what you read.
3.  Drop your connection to the network (if on dialup, disconnect, if on LAN,
pull RJ-45 cable or do ipconfig/release on a win2k box).
4.  Try to read a message (you get 2 errors, both connection-related [why 2?
might be a seperate bug]).
5.  Now, reconnect to the network by doing ipconfig/renew or dialing up.
6.  Attempt to read messages.

Expected Results:

Messages, whether read or not, will display 100%.

Actual Results:

Especially in threads it seems, we are not reading from the cache correctly, or
invalidating from the cache.  Screenshots to follow.  One before shot, one after
Keywords: nsbranch
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not an emojo stopper.
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Hopefully, the log is helpful.  Here are my steps to produce that log:

Messages "test123" and "test456" were unread messages.  Message "there can only 
be one" was a message I have already read.

1.  In netscape.test, I read "test123" with my cable connection still alive.
2.  Disconnected my connection, and attempted to read a read message ("there 
can only be one").
3.  Waited for timeout
4.  Read "test456" (this didn't display correctly)
5.  Read "test123", which finally loaded correctly.
Seems bug 59449's fix corrects this, or helps it tremendously.  But I'll keep
it makes sense that the fix for #59449 fixes this, but I'll have to debug to

I'd like to leave this bug open because I bet that when the connection gets
dropped we're leaking the protocol instance.


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11 years ago
has a log file
QA Contact: stephend →
Can't reproduce -> WFM.
Last Resolved: 11 years ago
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