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Add FHR search source for about:newtab


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Bug 962490 will add a search field to about:newtab pretty much like about:home's.  The patch I'm about to post there does this:

> browserWin.BrowserSearch.recordSearchInHealthReport(engine, "aboutnewtab");

From what I gather looking at about:home's implementation, that's all that's necessary from the front-end.

I'm happy to help where possible.  I see services/healthreport/providers.jsm.  What else does this involve?
You also need to add the new source to the provider. about:netError just did exactly this -- you should be able to use Bug 966107 as inspiration, and to check that it works. Either gps or myself can review.
Attached patch patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I don't know whether the, etc. changes are necessary.  This also updates the test.  It seems to work: when I do a Google search on about:newtab, this shows up in about:healthreport's raw data:

"org.mozilla.searches.counts": {
  "_v": 3,
  "google.newtab": 1,
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r+ with the SCM1 changes removed. Thanks!

::: services/healthreport/providers.jsm
@@ +1246,2 @@
>    name: "counts",
>    version: 1,

You don't need to touch SearchCountMeasurement1; no new data is being recorded for this measurement.
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Pedantic meta note: Normally I'd just land with review comments addressed, but I'm posting the revised patch and carrying over the r+ because bug 962490 was just placed on the back burner, which makes me uncertain when/whether we'll need this bug, so I'll keep this here until we do need it.
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Hi Drew, can you provide a point estimate for this bug.
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Depends on: 1004429
Verified fixed on Mac OS X 10.9, Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8.1 32bit and Ubuntu 13.04 using:
1. Latest Fx 31 Aurora, build ID: 20140508004006
2. Latest Fx 32 Nightly, build ID: 20140508030203

On the about:healthreport page, under Raw Data, the "google.newtab" counter from "org.mozilla.searches.counts" keeps increasing after each search made on the newtab page. Verified with more than 50 searches. 
Also verified that the searches made from the searchbar and the urlbar have separate counters and does not interfere with the ones from the newtab page.
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