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MediaResource still isn't safe to release on non-main threads


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In bug 929029 we tried to make MediaResource safe to release on non-main threads. We missed a case; ChannelMediaResource is composed of a MediaCacheStream, and that asserts that it should be released on the main thread and interacts with the global mediacache instance assuming it's running on the main thread. So it's not threadsafe.

I could reproduce a crash in a Windows Opt build when looping over lots of MP4 test cases in test_seek with PARALLEL_TESTS=20, which I tracked down to this.

I propose we fix this once and for all by making MediaResource::Release() detect when the refcnt drops to 0 and dispatching an event to the main thread to delete the MediaResource. So we ensure the dtor always runs on the main thread.
When the refcount of a MediaResource drops to 0, dispatch an event to the main thread to delete the resource.
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Patch: Always delete MediaResource on the main thread

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::: content/media/MediaResource.cpp
@@ +75,5 @@
> +    // set to 1 by refcount stabilization by Release() calling us, and the
> +    // refcount should be incremented by ReleaseOnMainThread's ref ptr.
> +    MOZ_ASSERT(aResource->mRefCnt == 2);
> +    NS_DispatchToMainThread(event, NS_DISPATCH_NORMAL);
> +    event = nullptr;

I think you can just use NS_ProxyRelease.
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Using NS_ProxyRelease. I had to also make MediaResource inherit from nsISupports, but it was already refcounted, so no big deal.
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