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Implement 'schema upgrades' for HomeConfig


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We'll need to be able to migrate a HomeConfig state to new versions of the schema. At the very least (in the short-term), we should ensure that a saved HomeConfig in Fx29 will not cause crashes in Fx30.

The reason we need migrations for HomeConfig is simple: as we add new features to HomeConfig, we'll have to enforce certain invariants that might not be present in previous versions. For example: we enforce item handler in ViewConfigs in Fx30 but there's no such thing in Fx29. In this case, we have to migrate any Fx29 saved state to be a valid one in Fx30 e.g. include the default item handler value in the configuration.
Ok, tested upgrades from Fx29 to Fx30 in different scenarios with a saved HomeConfig state. Works fine as in Fx29 we only save built-in panels on which we don't do any validation on layouts, views, etc.

So, this is not relevant for Fx30. We should only care about performing schema migrations in HomeConfig if we ever add a feature (and a matching PanelConfig/ViewConfig validation) in Fx31 that is not available in Fx30.

Downgrading the priority for now.
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