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Move the customize mode transition to the #navigator-toolbox


(Firefox :: Toolbars and Customization, defect)

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Firefox 30
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This would reduce the number of transitions and seems cleaner to me (and thus easier to maintain). Was this considered in bug 962677 or the follow-up bug 967220? Perhaps layout/gfx are smart enough to combine them all into one transition but having it on the container of all of the toolbars seems cleaner and won't interfere with other transitions on the toolbars (see the bottom of bug 963576 comment 19).

compare-talos shows no significant changes on CART:
Conceptually, this sounds like a fine idea, and simplifies the CSS. Going to take this on a test run.
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v.1 Move transition to navigator-toolbox

LGTM - and also addresses a few pseudoelement glitches during the transition.

Thanks Matt!
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v.1 Move transition to navigator-toolbox

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