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about:webrtc should show running kbps speeds each stream (and auto-update)


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Some feedback in Bug 904622 suggests that our current about:webrtc page, which does not auto-update nor show kbps speeds for each stream, should do those things.

Useres are comparing it to chrome://webrtc-internals, and I think there are two components to that:

 1) More information and live updating information (this bug)
 2) Nice graphs.

In particular, send and receive rates may be calculated today from existing stats over time, like the attached page shows.

One solution would be to crib from the attachment, if it is fast enough. If not, (or if we decided not to auto-update for some reason) we could look at calculating speeds internally.
I should point out that I've tried auto-update, and it can be frustratingly janky. Also, we have to be careful not to wipe out the last-known stats for PCs when we refresh, or it will make diagnosing failed calls a bit difficult.
Have we tried auto-update since your rewrite? Perhaps there's less overhead now.

We'll need to break down what expectations are. For comparison, Google's webrtc-internals page appears to be a pure monitor in that it goes blank once the call ends (or tab closes, I cannot tell with apprtc), with a download button for loggy stuff.
(In reply to Jan-Ivar Bruaroey [:jib] from comment #2)
> Have we tried auto-update since your rewrite? Perhaps there's less overhead
> now.

I have not tried again, no. I would be pretty surprised if the rewrite helps with this in any significant way; we're talking about a pretty small amount of data.
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This would be improved by smoothing the values a bit, but I'm not sure that is
worth the extra complexity at this point. I left out the remote values because
they do not update regularly, but with smoothing, we might be able to
include them as well.

Depends on D83317

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Automatically update ICE and RTP stats; r=ng
Estimate bitrate for local streams; r=ng
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