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Rename the operation callback


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"operation callback" is meaningless. It should be called the interrupt callback.
Riskiest thing going on here is moving js_HandleExecutionInterrupt into a namespace and removing the `extern` keyword from its declaration.
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Not-quite-as-trivial odds and ends found during renaming.

For example, it looks like JSShellContextData::startTime isn't used from the interrupt callback anymore, for years now.
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I'd love to delete the following paragraph from jsapi.h. It basically says, "Note: we might call this callback randomly. No reason. We just do sometimes." Maybe I'm the only person bothered by this.

> /*
>  * These functions allow setting an interrupt callback that will be called
>  * from the JS thread some time after any thread triggered the callback using
>  * JS_RequestInterruptCallback(rt).
>  *
>- * To schedule the GC and for other activities the engine internally triggers
>- * interrupt callbacks. The embedding should thus not rely on callbacks being
>- * triggered through the external API only.
>- *
>  * Important note: Additional callbacks can occur inside the callback handler
>  * if it re-enters the JS engine. The embedding must ensure that the callback
>  * is disconnected before attempting such re-entry.
>  */

It would be an easy fix, since all the interrupt state is already protected by a lock. We'd still need a comment to the effect that interrupts can be coalesced; you might request 2 and only get 1.
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