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We can initialize pointerId from system value


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Steps to reproduce:

Trunc version of FireFox dispatch mouse events with null pointerId

Expected results:

We should initialize pointer id as value from system
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When we create mouse events we can initialize pointerId as value from system
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But does it really matter what is pointer id for Pointer generated from Mouse source?
if we make it somewhat different for One platform and all other platforms would continue having it == 0, it is not good.

Also requirement for this to be == 1 for mouse has been removed here:
Comment on attachment 8382993 [details] [diff] [review]

But here could be special case for "pen" device, which is usually generated into PressShell as MouseEvent...
I wonder is it ever possible to use Multiple Pen's at the same time?
Comment on attachment 8382993 [details] [diff] [review]

Form another point of view we may need this in order to initialize PointerId for Pen device...
But problem is that on Win32 UI we have Pen Source generated from Mouse event and there is no any info about PointerID... 
Also I haven't seen device which does support > 1 pen device at the same time.
So no reason to have HW generated unique ID there.
+ changes according with last version of source code

Despite of removing requirement for pointerId == 1 in case of mouse,
we can provide correct value, which we gets from system.
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