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Some PSM xpcshell tests are disabled on Android and B2G even though they work


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #676972 +++

> However, all 3 xpcshell tests in security/manager/ssl/tests/unit hang
> consistently if run on Android.

It seems like the original test failures that motivated the the filing of bug 676972 have already been resolved, because the following tests all pass on Android:



Similarly, these tests are now passing consistently on B2G.

So, let's stop disabling at least this subset of tests on these platforms.

Note that the S4 test failure(s) is/are due to unrelated tests. If you open the full log you will see that all of the tests that are enabled here are passing.

I retriggered the tests a few time to detect intermittent failures. I did the same last night and several runs were all green so I think we're good to go.
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Looks good to me, I am delayin the r+ until the b2g passes xpchell
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I disabled test_sts_preloadlist_perwindowpb.js on B2G/ARM due to perma-orange. I filed bug 978426 to re-enable it.

Also, there was a repeated typo in my original patch:

    fail-if = os == "android" || buildapp == "b2g""

I replaced this with:

    fail-if = os == "android" || buildapp == "b2g"

(Notice one less double-quote at the end.)
Duplicate of this bug: 822418
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