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Right-to-Left scroll button does not work


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Steps to reproduce:

I clicked on ScrollLeft button from the attached example in FF27

Actual results:

The button itself (and the screen content) scrolled, but the scroll bar did not move.
This happens only the 1st time. If the bar is moved manually and the button is clicked the 2nd time, the screen content and the bar are moving together, but only half a way.

Expected results:

The screen content and the scroll bar should move together all the way to the left (the bar) and all the way to the right (the content) as it is done in Chrome.
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When I click the button, the frame content and the scroll grip are moved a little (supposedly 33px) to the left.  Is that the correct behavior?
Whiteboard: [bugday-20140310]
No, it should move till the end like in Chrome
Chromium indeed scrolls to the end immediately. says: "if the element's direction is 'rtl' then scrollLeft is zero when the scrollbar is at its rightmost position (at start of the scrolled content) and then increasingly negative as you scroll towards the end of the content."
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Chrome's behavior with scrolling in RTL containers is pretty broken in various ways.  There was a bunch of standards discussion on this, but I'm not sure what the outcome of that discussion was.  Robert, do you recall what was decided for scrollLeft?

I also can't reproduce the "first click doesn't move scrollbar" issue....
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Latest spec status is here:

We should probably just change our behaviour to match the spec.
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Keywords: testcase
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