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Fix documentation for hgrc [extension] paths for Windows


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On Unix based filesystems, any of the following will work in an hgrc:

bar = /foo/bar
baz = /foo/baz/

However on Windows, the second case in this example will fail, due to the trailing slash:

bar = c:\foo\bar
baz = c:\foo\baz\

I've reported & fixed this bug upstream (, however we should fix documentation that lists the trailing slash case, to avoid confusing new contributors using Mercurial 1.9.1 or earlier.

(I should add that it's for this reason that for years my hgrc contains direct references to the .py files in the paths rather than the directories, due to me trying things randomly when the various hg extension README instructions didn't work, which caused things to break post some of the deps of bug 968958).
Fixes these three:

(In reply to Ed Morley [:edmorley UTC+0] from comment #1)
> Needs fixing:
> hgext/bzexport/README
> hgext/qbackout/README
> hgext/qimportbz/README
This just leaves:

(In reply to Ed Morley [:edmorley UTC+0] from comment #1)
> Needs fixing:
> beed16e594800e2e0af4171d876d6c93390a2099/

Steve, would you mind removing the trailing slash from the example hgrc [extensions] entry at the location linked here?

Commit message I used for comment 3, for inspiration:
"Bug 980295 - Remove trailing slash from README paths, for compat with hg < v3.0 on Windows"

Thanks :-)
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